Crystal Structures of
Hard Materials

The crystal structures on this page were produced by Prof. Dr. Rainer Pöttgen, Dr. Rolf-Dieter Hoffmann and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jeitschko, Department for Inorganic Chemistry, University Münster. It is not allowed to copy or to use these crystal-structures especially on other webpages without an explicit permission.

In future you also will be able to see the crystal structures as VRML for 3D-view, but this will take a little time. You can find some links to webpages with VRML-structures on our homepage.

Big pictures are fitted to a size of 750 pixels width. You will get the original-size picture in an extra window by clicking on the size-reduced picture.


Diamonds, related structures


Borides, boron carbides

Transition metal carbides


Silicide, silicide carbides





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